Process to set up a Website


The process of using a Web hosting service for your online business works roughly like this:

Set up a Website

1. You decide where you want your site to appear on the Internet.

Do you want it to be part of a virtual shopping mall that includes many other businesses? Or do you want a standalone site that has its own Web address and doesn’t appear to be affiliated with any other organization? You need to decide what you want for your website, and study the requirement needed to build up a website fix your requirement. This is the first stage in process to set up a website.

2. You sign up with a Web host / Web Hosting.

You can choose to sign up a pay web hosting services, you need to pay a fee. In some cases, no fee is required (free web hosting), you can sign up a free web hosting services. In all cases, you’re assigned space on a server. Your Web site gets an address, or URL, that people can enter in their browsers to view your pages.

3. You create your Web pages.

You can use a web page editor to do build up your web pages, a web development program is needed. You can do it yourself or engage a professional web designer to help you to develop your website. This is the most important step in the process to set up a website.

4. After creating content, adding images, and making your site look just right, you transfer your Web page files (HTML documents, images, and so on) from your computer to the host’s Web server.

Nest process to set up a website is to transfer your files to your web server of your web hosting service provider. You generally need special File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software to do the transferring. But many Web hosts will help you through the process by providing their own user-friendly software. The most popular Web editors, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver, will let you do this. After transfering your files to the web server, the website will be available in world wide web.

5. You access your own site with your Web browser and check the contents to make sure that all the images appear and that any hypertext links you created go to the intended destinations.

At this point, you’re open for business — visitors can view your Web pages by entering your Web address (such as in their Web browser’s Go To or Address box. Your website is available in internet during this process of set up a website.

6. You market and promote your site to attract potential clients or customers.

Next step of the process to set up a website is to promote your website. You can promote your website through search engine (SEO), social media (such as blog, facebook, twitter), directory, email, online advertisement, offline promotion est.   Promoting of your website is a long term project for a website development.

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