Seven Tips to Create a Small Kitchen Design


Kitchen Cabinet, Small Kitchen Design

To create the small but efficient kitchen design, we need to work on three major areas of small kitchen design: i. storage, ii. lighting, iii. appliances.

Small kitchen design may seem to be a very high design challenge, but they can also be functional, beautiful and efficient. Even with a space or building restriction with limited budge, you can find that there are some options open to us to transform our kitchen into something more ideal for our needs.
We need to design more unique storage solutions, mixing natural and ambient lighting, taking advantage of more space saving appliances and personalized style.

A small kitchen design requires creativity in coming up with storage solutions. Some ideas to try include:

1. Putting an island in the center of the kitchen that can provide freestanding storage that is also convenient from any spot in the kitchen.

2. Using a galley/parallel kitchen design layout in which the kitchen cabinet and appliances line up on either side of a corridor can work out very well for a small kitchen space.

3. Today's appliance manufacturers have come up with more compact space-saving appliances make small kitchen design easier.

4. Other small kitchen design tricks to create an eating area in the kitchen include using a drop table or a small sized round table with two small chairs that can be tucked into a corner. Or a built-in counter along the wall with chairs to provide an eating area.

5.  Installing deeper kitchen cabinets that can accommodate more appliances and increase work space.

6. For storage you can hang up pots and pans. This is a perfect way to free up kitchen cabinet space. The insides of kitchen cabinet doors can be used to hang up everything from utensils, oven mitts and other miscellaneous items. Pantry storage with units that go all the way to the ceiling with the upper cabinets to provide more space for seldom used items while making the lower cabinets more accessible with rollout shelves, lazy susans and tilt-out bins.

7. Install a large kitchen sink, since larger sinks are considered to be more practical than small sinks when it comes to cleaning pots and pans.

Remember most kitchens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are small. When we look in kitchen design magazines we will notice that the kitchens featured are large and we might think our small kitchen in inadequate. But good small kitchen design means being able to create space and incorporating ample storage facilities and being able to fit in all the necessary appliances.