Kitchen Cabinet - Kitchen Island / Island Cabinet


Kitchen Design - I Shape with Island
Kitchen Design Layout - I-Shape with Island


Kitchen Design - L Shape with Island
Kitchen Design Layout - L-Shape with Island


Kitchen Island (Island Kitchen) is a stand alone kitchen cabinet, kitchen island is separate from the main structure of the kitchen design. We can build storage space, sink, appliance and seating area in the kitchen island.

A well-planned and well designed kitchen island creates additional space for appliances like microwaves and dishwashers and become the hub of several overlapping workstation. We can equip our island with appliances or cabinetry to suit our needs. An island can serve as a center for entertaining by including a built-in television, a bar sink, wine icemaker and microwave. It might be a new home for a cooktop.


Whether  our kitchen is large or small, the island needs careful planning. The size and shape of the island should be in proportion to the kitchen, an island that is too big or complicated can turn into an obstacle.

Kitchen Island Design


Some practical ways kitchen islands / island cabinet can be used to help make our kitchen more efficient and functional;

  • Use a simple island to provide additional counter space.
  • In a large kitchen, include a second sink in the island with counter space on one / both sides.
  • Stock the island with a range of kitchen appliances, such as a dishwasher, range, cooktop, microwave and ovens in a kitchen where wall space is at a premium.
  •  Include a raised counter to serve as a snack bar with accompanying seating to be place where family or guests can socialize.
  • Use kitchen island as the anchor for a second work triangle in a large, two cook kitchen.
  • Position and style the island to be a dividing or transitional feature between the kitchen and great room.


Kitchen Island - I-Shape Island Plan
Kitchen Design - I-Shape with Island